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What’s Your Plot?

It was an interesting evening. Many thanks to all of you for coming to the workshop last Wednesday evening, and special thanks to Kim Galle of Resource PI for showing us a great analysis tool. We were each provided with our Predicative Index results, which plotted our behaviors and tendencies based on the brief survey we took online. There were four areas of focus on the PI plot:

  • Dominance
  • Extroversion
  • Patience
  • Formality

The results are plotted along three dimensions – how I am, how I think I need to be, and my synthesis of the two – which is how we appear to others.

My own personal PI Results were not surprising. I have stronger dominance and extroversion characteristics, but it’s the combination of the areas that really tell the story. Kim handed out a sheet that showed our “Behavioral Assets” based on our results. Those assets were interpreted from both a Leading and Managing perspective. Mine showed leadership attributes such as a seeker of understanding, trusting, enthusiastic, and extroverted with people (which actually was surprising – but something I’ve learned in careers that require it). I have a strong future focus, with a “nothing is impossible” outlook.

Sounds good until you flip to the managing side. Although I have strong vision-oriented personality, actually getting the little details done to achieve that vision is not as natural. I’ve learned how to do the details over the course of my career, but as Kim pointed out, those “learned” things tend to drain our energy. That makes it even more important for me to find team members who offset my weaknesses with their strengths.

By the way, if you haven’t read Marcus Buckingham’s Now, Discover Your Strengths, then by all means check it out. Together with the PI, you can have a good overall picture of the job that is most suited for you.

How about you? What did you think? Kim took a lot of questions after the meeting. The meeting satisfaction surveys were very positive, so I’m sure you have something to say. Tell us all what you learned from the meeting, and any other comments you have.

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In one of the university leadership courses I teach, the students and I were exploring ways to break out beyond the classroom to extend our opportunities for learning how to become better leaders. I immediately posted the Leadership In Action link to the course website. I also have started an online network called Learn To Lead. I invite the Leadership In Action community to join us at http://learntolead.ning.com. The intent of the network is to create a forum where college students and lifelong learners may support each other in becoming better leaders. It is a place to share questions, experiences, thoughts, and resources with fellow learners on the subject of leadership. It is also a way to help educate our young leaders. I invite you to join the journey.

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Ever notice that once something enters into your awareness you see it everywhere. You decide on the model automobile you want to buy and you begin seeing numerous drivers on the road driving that same model. You purchase a new laptop computer and suddenly become conscious of how many others at the airport have the same brand.


My passion is leadership. As a result of my heightened awareness on the subject, I glean lessons about leadership from all aspects of life. That is why I enjoy books that open my eyes to how a seemingly unrelated subject can provide me with lessons about leadership. Such a book I have recently read is Leadership Texas Hold ‘Em Style by Andrew J. Harvey and Raymond E. Foster. The authors describe leadership lessons to be learned through the game of poker. I had fun learning something about the intricacies of card playing. What surprised me, though, was what can be learned about leadership from a game of cards. The authors do not belabor the analogy between cards and leadership. Instead, they use poker as a lead-in to the skills of leading. This book is no fluff piece. Both authors have had long careers in law enforcement and higher education. From their own leadership experiences and studies, they describe in detail the many skills required of leaders. What I found different about this book is that while many books describe what leaders need to do, in this book the authors explain how to do it. I recommend this book.

I also recommend you notice the leadership lessons all around you in the things important to you. I enjoy nature, drumming, cooking, exercising, reading. Each of these interests has taught me how to be a better leader. I have even incorporated these interests in my leadership work with students and clients. Allow the world to be your teacher. You will discover that lessons are everywhere.

What are your sources for learning about leadership?

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The Grad Connundrum

Several of us are celebrating after our final class tonight. Many of us have had lots of management and leadership experience, we just never got around to finishing that degree. So we’ve been involved in an accelerated program to earn our Bachelors of Science in Management. Our cohort has met once per week for four hours each over the past seventeen months. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but all of us are exhausted. The amount of homework in an accelerated program is, well, accelerated. Overwhelming sometimes.

But, we did it. And now some of us are even thinking about doing it all over again. We look back and think, “well, it wasn’t THAT bad.” So, maybe this is the time for a graduate degree. The question on our minds is where? We like the cohort format. We’ve all built lasting friendships with our classmates, and will definitely keep our new friends in our network. None of us, however, has much time to go to traditional classes.

So, my question to all of you is this: Do you have experiences with on-line or accelerated graduate programs? Several of us are looking at MBA, Masters of Leadership, Masters in Management, or other business/leadership oriented programs. We’d love to hear your experiences.

We’ve put together a little spreadsheet (Google doc) of some local western New York as well as distance-learning options. Feel free to add your own. Leave us a comment too. We’d really appreciate the input.

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