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The Grad Connundrum

Several of us are celebrating after our final class tonight. Many of us have had lots of management and leadership experience, we just never got around to finishing that degree. So we’ve been involved in an accelerated program to earn our Bachelors of Science in Management. Our cohort has met once per week for four hours each over the past seventeen months. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but all of us are exhausted. The amount of homework in an accelerated program is, well, accelerated. Overwhelming sometimes.

But, we did it. And now some of us are even thinking about doing it all over again. We look back and think, “well, it wasn’t THAT bad.” So, maybe this is the time for a graduate degree. The question on our minds is where? We like the cohort format. We’ve all built lasting friendships with our classmates, and will definitely keep our new friends in our network. None of us, however, has much time to go to traditional classes.

So, my question to all of you is this: Do you have experiences with on-line or accelerated graduate programs? Several of us are looking at MBA, Masters of Leadership, Masters in Management, or other business/leadership oriented programs. We’d love to hear your experiences.

We’ve put together a little spreadsheet (Google doc) of some local western New York as well as distance-learning options. Feel free to add your own. Leave us a comment too. We’d really appreciate the input.


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